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    The Business Case for a Direct Contractor Recruitment Strategy – Part 5

    Contractor Recruitment Strategy Part V
    In the previous chapter we provided an overview of the challenges and benefits of a direct contractor recruitment model.  In this chapter we will be discussing ‘Using Technology to Streamline the Direct Hiring of Contractors’.

    Using Technology to Streamline the Direct Hiring of Contractors

    A number of different tools can be used to join up the various elements of the contractor recruitment process.  Job board databases and social networks like LinkedIn etc. can be used to source contractors.  You can use an ATS system to help track and filter applicants.  A pay-rolling provider can be used to aid time-sheeting and payment.

    However, for an efficient, streamlined process you want to reduce the amount of different systems and tools you are logging in and out of.  The technology now exists to streamline the entire contractor recruitment process within a single cloud based system.

    >>Download the Full Whitepaper Here<<

    Elevate Direct – An End to End Contractor Only Recruitment Platform

    Elevate Direct has been developed as a tool purely for delivering the entire contractor hiring cycle within a single system.  On the surface it has two sides. Contractors are able to sign up to the platform, generate a profile, and get matched to jobs. Employers can log in to the platform to list their jobs, which then only get matched and presented to suitably qualified contractors.

    The system is flexible enough to be used standalone, or to complement your existing recruitment process. There are two main ways Companies use Elevate Direct:

    1)     As a Standalone Sourcing & Advertising Tool

    In the same way you might post ads to Job Boards or login to a CV database or LinkedIn to begin searching for candidates, employers can log into the Elevate Direct platform to advertise their requirement and begin searching for contractors based on skill, day rate, availability etc. Your job advert is then also circulated for free to a number of destinations, including major paid for job-boards, to attract additional candidates.

    As a standalone sourcing tool, Elevate Direct can easily be added to the arsenal of sourcing and recruitment tools an internal recruiter may be using.

    2)     As an End to End Contractor Sourcing & Recruitment Solution

    After sourcing candidates, recruiters have the option of using the full functionality of the

    Elevate Direct platform to engage with candidates to make/accept contract offers. This
    opens up the time-sheeting function which allows Elevate Direct to process contractor
    payments if you don’t wish to use your own timesheet & payment systems.

     What processes does Elevate Direct automate? 

    • Sourcing
    • Ranking of applicants
    • Work flow management
    • Time-sheeting
    • Payroll
    • Consolidated invoicing

    contract recruitment strategy

    How Does Elevate Direct Overcome the Obstacles to Recruiting Contractors Directly:


    A)    Automated Sourcing

    When a job is listed on the Elevate Direct Platform, the key criteria of the role such as Day Rate, Location and Skills (including how recently they were used) are compared against the entire database of contractors to determine initially who is suitable for your job. Employers are also free to search the database of contractors themselves, enabling instant access to new talent pools.

    Benefit: Reduced time to hire because the platform sources for you.


    B)    Automated Ranking

    After the initial skills and experience matching takes place, our smart technology scans the matched candidates based on their career paths and whether they are the type of contractor that your company tends to prefer shortlisting or hiring.This data is used to automatically rank the applicants for you, enabling recruiters to more easily filter through applications.  Even if a thousand applicants were to apply for your role, you can be confident that you only need to review those candidates automatically ranked at the top of the list.

    Benefit: Improved quality of hire as candidates are ranked on cultural fit.


    C)    Compliance

    By choosing to recruit your contractors directly via the Elevate Direct platform, you dramatically reduce the risk of co-employment issues.  Once a contractor has created their Elevate Direct profile they agree to our terms and conditions.  This also ensures the employer does not have to deal with or set up, multiple suppliers. You only deal with one, Elevate Direct.

    Benefit: Mitigation of HMRC compliance risks and consolidated supplier invoicing resulting in less paper work.


    D)    Workflow Management & Payroll

    Once you have shortlisted suitable contractors within Elevate Direct, you have the functionality to message them, invite for interview and offer a contract. Once a contractor accepts a contract offer, they then have access to the Timesheet module. Elevate Direct also offers its own payroll solution which is optional for employers to use.

    Benefit: Streamlined workflow and more control over your brand. By engaging with candidates directly you can ensure a positive candidate experience. By using Elevate Direct, employers do not need to log into multiple systems to search for candidates, approve timesheets, and operate payroll, all the functionality to attract and onboard contractors is available within a single system.


    E)    Reduced Costs

    By using technology to streamline the end to end recruitment process, the cost of processing a contractor is massively reduced.  By sourcing a contractor via the Elevate Direct platform employers benefit from paying hugely reduced mark-ups on day rates (typically down from 15-18%, to only 5-7%).  In addition to these direct costs, Elevate Direct users benefit from a number of indirect savings including reducing expenditure on other recruitment tools such as Job Boards.

    Benefit: Reduced cost per hire due to significantly reduced mark-ups and the elimination of additional indirect recruitment costs. 

     >>Download the Full Whitepaper Here<<


  • Testing Candidates Coding Skills

    Top Online Tools for Testing Candidates’ Coding Skills

    Coding and development skills are perpetually in high demand.  To help determine that candidates possess the sufficient coding abilities you’re looking for, no doubt as part of your interview process you have a series of coding related interview questions and some form of coding test. Below we’ve listed 5 online candidate assessment tools that can help facilitate your interview process by testing your potential employees coding / programming abilities.

    1) Interview Zen

    This tool is used by a number of large companies and allows you to save yourself valuable time by eliminating those who are unsuitable for the available job and the skills it requires by testing their coding abilities. Using this tool, you are able to set your own programming challenges and watch as the candidates solve the problems online, in real time.

    This gives you the added advantage of observing their problem-solving abilities, thought-processes and approaches first-hand. This, at times, can be even more useful than general coding knowledge, as the ability to approach tasks with a clear mind and persevere through trial and error will demonstrate the candidates’ ability to learn quickly.

    One major benefit of using Interview Zen is that tasks can be conducted remotely; you don’t need to be present with the candidate, you save yourself money in expenses and it means that only the top candidates will be invited to a follow-up interview.

    2) Codility

    Since its conception in 2005, “more than 1200 companies in over 120 countries” have used the Codility tool, with over 130,000 tests having been assessed. Codility is an automated tool, which assesses programming skills and is aimed toward software development companies and companies which have a high IT demand.

    This automated tool allows recruiters who might not have specialised IT knowledge to assess the skills of large amounts of candidates and determine how well they are likely to perform in the job. Candidates have to work through programming tasks or write a code function, set by the companies and developed by a software suite which checks whether or not the solution provided by the candidate ‘passes’ according to the specified task requirements.

    Employers can choose from 15 programming languages to conduct the tests. As the tool assesses the solutions, employers are saved hours of time. The tool has won a number of awards, including Seedcamp 2009, Smarta 100 and the TC European Startup Award 2010.

    3) CoderPad

    This tool has been used by countless companies, including Airbnb, Yelp, Quora, CrowdFlower, Scribd, Hired and Lyft. It supports a wide range of programming languages, including C#, C, C++, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Scala and more.

    The tool allows the employer to watch the code being typed in real-time and also provides live code execution via REPL. It is an intricate collaborative text editor which is one of the best tools available that can replicate how people really work and allows you to filter out candidates who would be very unlikely to pass a second-stage interview.

    It has been praised for its aesthetics, its playback feature and its reasonable prices. Jason Fennell, Director of Engineering at Yelp, claims that “CoderPad has been a great addition to our interviewing toolkit. With it, you can watch a candidate iteratively develop their code and then use the compiler for debugging. This adds a whole new dimension to the process and brings it one step closer to the holy grail of natural coding in an interview.”

    4) CodeInterview

    This is another remote, real-time interview tool which prides itself on being developer-friendly and effective. One benefit of this tool is that the core service and the IDE plugins are free of charge, while you have the choice to pay for premium features.

    The core features include two URLs, one for the employer and one for the candidate. When the candidate makes changes, they are reflected on the employer’s screen. The plugins mean that if a candidate so chooses, they can use Visual Studio or Eclipse to complete the tasks. Premium allow you to manage your interviews, share links with candidates, lock and unlock the interview and revisit past interviews and replay the candidates’ changes.

    5) HackerRank For Work

    This platform is a cost-effective means of interviewing candidates, and allows you to select from the ‘question library’ of programming challenges, subjective and multiple choice questions. The level of difficulty can be adjusted and if you would prefer a custom challenge, there are a team of developers available to assist in compiling the ideal tasks.

    Currently, the tool supports 16 programming languages including SQL and UML. Once the challenges are carried out, the results are automatically evaluated and you are presented with in-depth performance reports. This means you are able to compare one candidates’ performance to another based on their scores and performance.

    More than 1,000 customers have made use of this tool, including Forbes, VMware, TechCrunch, Mashable and Evernote. Athias Connot, Senior Staffing Manager at VMware, has stated that “HackerRank has allowed us to find diamonds in the rough that our old process didn’t give us the time to look for.”

  • Specsavers contract recruitment

    Specsavers Wins Award for Best Contract Recruitment Strategy

    Specsavers contract recruitment

    Specsavers the well known Global optical services retail chain, took home the award for ‘Best Contract Recruitment Strategy’ at last nights 2014 In-House Recruitment Awards, held in London.  

    Beating off competition from Radley Yeldar. the creative comms company, and ECS, the IT infrastructure consultancy the judges cited that “In a tough category, our winner was able to demonstrate how their strategy has been able to significantly reduce costs and increase placements.”

    Dan Collier, CEO of Elevate Direct, the sponsor of the ‘Best Contract Recruitment Strategy Category’, said “It was great to be involved in the awards, especially as they recognise the global trend in the rise of the contingent/freelance worker.  I’d expect that over the next year we’ll begin seeing more and more in-house recruitment teams looking for ways to recruit more of their contract workforce directly, in the same way they do for perm hires”.

    “On behalf of the Elevate Direct team, I’d like to congratulate Specsavers on their  award, and Radley Yeldar and ECS for also making it as a finalist”.






  • Contractor CV webinar

    FREE Webinar: Win more work in 2015 with a great CV and LinkedIn profile

    Let’s face it, most people struggle with the concept of writing a CV regardless of their profession or career direction; not least Contractors who have a whole portfolio of assignments to somehow capture in their CV.

    And simply filling out the sections someone told you to include on your CV or all the sections on your LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean it will be effective. What will make it effective is not just having the right format but also having the right content. As Bananarama sang – it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

    So, to help you prepare for the New Year, Elevate Direct would like to invite you to a FREE one-hour online webinar on Wednesday 26th November at 7.15pm all about writing an authoritative CV and LinkedIn profile for the contract market. This is much more than a boring top ten tips session and will cover the latest thinking around this important topic.

    Delivered by the UK’s leading authority on contractor / interim CVs, a similar session we ran earlier this year received comments such as: “Excellent presentation – thank you very much” and “thank you – that’s been brilliant”.

    In this fast-paced and engaging webinar you will learn about:

    •  The 2 most successful formats for Contractor / Interim CVs
    •  How to transform your CV into a powerful business case
    •  How to align your CV with the hot skills in your market
    •  How to harness the power of case studies in your CV
    •  How to create an effective opening Professional Summary / Elevator Pitch

    Most people achieve a significant uplift in interviews as a result of attending these webinars such as the chap below:

     “Following the webinar, I have spent the last week re-writing my CV in the format you discussed – then put it online last night. Today, I have received 3 emails from agencies who want to deliver my CV to their clients. Alongside this I have had 2 calls from companies who have invited me in for a chat about vacancies they have within their portfolios. This is more interest that I have had in the last 3 years combined and testament to the success of your webinar!”

     Please use this link to register https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8127574921054947586

  • Recruiting a Brand Consultant

    Recruiting Brand Consultants – Radley Yeldar

    About Radley Yeldar

    Radley Yeldar are a creative consultancy who tend to work for large companies and organisations head quartered in Northern Europe. They answer complex briefs that concern strategy, identity, communications, culture and/or performance and produce communications across the relevant channels that work best to deliver the message; through digital, social or moving image, in print or the environment.

    Their purpose is to help organisations, brands and services engage totally with all their audiences to build trust and ultimately become more successful.

    The Recruitment Challenge – Recruiting Brand Consultants

    Recruiting Brand Consultants Radley YeldarRY’s continued growth and success led to the need to recruit a Freelance Brand Consultant to assist with new clients/projects and to support pitching for new brand opportunities.  It’s a niche role key to making sense of a client’s brief and their audience. In particular a RY Brand Consultant must be able to help a client define the central galvanising idea behind their brand, and then translate that into engaging experiences across multiple channels.

    The Solution

    “Our approach to recruitment is predominantly direct; I source a lot of our new staff myself.  However being the sole recruiter, sourcing can be a bit too time consuming so I like to test out new tools and apps that could make my life just a little easier and find the right candidates quicker”.

    “Elevate Direct is one of the tools I use to support our contractor recruitment needs.  There aren’t many successful recruitment tools specifically focused on finding contractors on the market, so it’s good to see that area being addressed.  I simply log in to the platform, post a job, and candidates matching the appropriate skills, experience, day rate, availability etc are automatically shortlisted for me.  The matching helps cut the time required to search through contractor profiles, which is important given how time constrained in-house recruiters often find themselves”.

    Emma Hunt – In-House Recruiter, Radley Yeldar

    Return on Investment

    “There’s no upfront cost to using Elevate Direct, so that’s a big plus as recruitment budgets are normally quite tight.  The mark up paid on hiring a contractor I find on the platform is considerably lower than recruiting via a consultancy or other freelance platforms I have come across, so there’s no financial risk to using the system. So far we’ve definitely got our moneys worth”.