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Elevate & HiredByMe – What Our Partnership Means for Clients

Hiring… is a pain

Don’t get me wrong – I love people. I love working with them. I love the process of personal development. I love working in teams and seeing all the different skills and personalities come together to deliver a fantastic end result.

But the process of hiring is really painful. Writing a job spec. Reviewing CVs. Weeding out those who are a poor fit. Interviewing. Interviewing. More interviewing. The interminable wait to onboard someone after you’ve selected them. And then finding that after all that you’ve often still not picked the right person.

It’s even more painful when hiring contingent staff (contractors, freelancers and interims) because the hiring process goes faster and the problems are magnified.

I’ve worked in banking, technology and consulting for 25 years, and experienced all these problems. We decided that there had to be a better way.

HiredByMe solves two problems in the contingent labour recruitment process – Selection and Onboarding. Or to put it another way, picking the right candidate, quickly, first time; and getting them on a desk and working fast.

On Selection

We start from the premise that the best guide to future performance is past performance. So we collect rigorous, honest feedback on contingent staff from previous colleagues, and make it available to recruiters and new clients to view (crucially we give legal protection to assessors, which enables them to be candid).

This rich dataset provides a powerful insight into what the worker is good at – and what they’re not. And this delivers three key benefits for organisations: Faster hiring (because you can prioritise the best candidates); reduced effort (because you waste less time with unsuitable candidates); and better hiring (because you are using actual, observed on-job performance, not just interview or test results).

On Onboarding

We shorten the cycle by removing the time taken to do pre-employment screening. Instead of screening candidates when they sign a contract, we allow candidates to go through employment screening when they start looking for work and not when they find it.

As a result, by the time they sign a contract their screening is complete, and candidates can onboard immediately, rather than the usual 2-4 week delay. Not only that, but because we keep the data from role to role (and allow candidates to just “top it up” rather than fully screen each time) the candidate experience goes from “painful” to “easy” – providing a strong incentive for the best candidates to sign with you.

On Integrating with Elevate

Our partnership with Elevate is a win-win for both sides. What we don’t do is source candidates – we provide data on a candidate once they’ve been identified for review or interview. Elevate’s sophisticated algorithms can take the place of a traditional recruiter, seeking out candidates and providing a best fit based on published data. Adding the HiredByMe piece allows organisations to access a rich dataset to help final interview and selection of elevate’s top-ranked candidates; and to onboard those selected in the blink of an eye.

Development of our integration is underway, and we look forward to rolling it out in the Summer.

Simon Bichara, Founder HiredByMe

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