How do you prepare children for jobs that don’t exist……yet?

Childhood passions that seem like fads, sometimes even totally unproductive, could be mediums for experiencing the virtuous cycle of curiosity: discovering, trying, failing & growing.

The above is great statement I came across on an article entitled ‘Preparing Our Kids for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet’

As global skills gaps widen resulting in a shortage of talent or an explosion in hiring costs it is encouraging to see a slightly alternative take on how to influence, educate and perhaps nurture the workers of tomorrow.

Most children display endless enthusiasm for new concepts. Whether that is a toy, piece of sophisticated technology or made up game that drives a parent to distraction; their drive to learn and absorb is incredible.They have so many skills and pick up new ones so quickly it is breathtaking. Then we send them to school and this creativity is muted as teachers and policy makers search for the balance that general curricula apparently need if they are to hit their targets  across the broad spectrum of abilities seen in classes and year groups.

By the time children arrive in further and higher education they will have started to specialise in areas that supports their performance to date via this homogenised education system. The result is often a young adult saddled with debt and no viable route to employment. Their skills are not saleable. Some have lost that innate ability to quickly learn and are already afraid of failure and never reach their potential.

Employers, schools, universities, politicians and parents need to wake up to the changing world of work and how the new dawn looks nothing like the old. We need to harness individual ability to learn and understand pretty damn quick that pushing students through the current flawed system is saving up a skills bomb for the future.


Hobbies and interests are too often dismissed as a waste of time or an eccentric irrelevance when they could in fact just be the skills needed to bring real happiness and worth to our children’s adult lives. We just don’t know which ones they are yet……

James Griffin.

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