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How PhotoBox Recruited Contract Web Developers Directly

PhotoBox Recruiting Contractors Directly

With over 27 million members PhotoBox is Europe’s leading online digital photo service provider.  Experts in photography, they have built an extensive and engaging online community that helps drive the innovation keeping them at the forefront of the market. Offering a wide range of customisable products from photobooks to mugs, their mantra is to ‘help people create memories and keep them alive’.

The Challenge – Recruiting Contract Web Developers Directly

Due to its continued success and growth over the past year, PhotoBox has been a particularly dynamic place to work.   A recent project to incubate an exciting new product vertical within Photobox led to the demand for web development contractors.  Recruiting the right contractor with the appropriate array of HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery skills is not without its challenges, especially if you want to do this directly. With this is mind PhotoBox chose to use Elevate Direct’s end to end contractor recruitment platform to attract, source and on-board the precise contractors they were looking for.

The Solution

The ability to match skilled Web Developers registered on the Elevate Direct platform instantly to the roles of PhotoBox proved to be a huge recruitment advantage for them.

Matthias Willerich, Development Manager at PhotoBox, says:

“Elevate Direct quickly created a quality shortlist of Web Developers for me to review and engage with that were a good match to the skills and experience we had stipulated when creating the vacancy. I have used the system again since the initial hire was made and have found it very consistent in providing high quality developers for my specific area of the business.

“The interface is clean and easy to use and quickly takes me through the recruitment process. It’s self-explanatory and easy to navigate, without the need for a lot of hand holding”.

Key Results & Benefits

“The key benefit of using Elevate Direct is to be able to manage all my recruitment activity in one place on a true SaaS/Cloud based system that I can log into from any location. It is crucial that I can take work home with me. Recruitment is a crucial part of any business and was generally time-consuming and overloads my inbox. Elevate Direct removed the agency from the process and I found this enabled me to review and engage with candidates in the evening and then be able to focus my efforts during the day on my other responsibilities”.

“I would definitely recommend Elevate Direct to other organisations looking to hire contract staff.”

 About Elevate Direct

Elevate Direct is an end to end direct recruitment solution for hiring contractors in any sector.  We are not a recruitment agency, nor an ATS system.  Think of us as an additional recruitment tool that enables employers to make contract recruitment part of their wider direct hiring strategy.

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