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Product Update: Data Visualisation of Skills & Ranking

We’ve just released a huge improvement to the interface for applicants, in our first attempt to visualise a candidate’s skills and relevance to your requirement. The new UI also tells you why an applicant is at the top, or the bottom, of the ranked list. It’s a big deal.


We did this even though visually representing work experience and skills is a very hard thing to do.


The reason? Well, that’s simple. The CV as a document is essentially a legacy of pen and paper and word processing. Text is great if you have time to read it, however the inconsistent structure and formatting of CVs means that no two are ever the same – which makes finding and digesting the most relevant info is a risky challenge.


Data visualisation is a now a key component of how you will initially review applicants in Elevate, with the expectation that it WILL make you more productive.


You may have 14 or 140 applicants –  it doesn’t matter; focus on the most relevant candidates for your vacancy using the Elevate interface to guide you.


Matching & Ranking Relevance

matching and ranking



The top right hand corner of each applicant’s profile shows you their matching relevance as a percentage. This overall match is made up of both the skills match and the company match visible alongside. High percentages mean better matching and higher ranking.


The rest of the info you need (candidate name, rates, availability, current position and company) is still available to the left hand side of each card.

Skills Scores & Timelines

skills scores timeline


Underneath, you will see the skills  list that you or your colleague requested when creating the vacancy. Alongside those skills is the Elevate skills score as a percentage. These scores utilise Elevate’s market data scoring technology, providing high-level insight into the skill within a MASSIVE set of data. Bigger than we have ever used before.


This approach provides a deep understanding of the skills you need in the context of the entire market, not just the context of the applicants you have for your vacancy.


The full digital profile and resume (grrrr) are still available for you to review. However, you should use the matching and ranking visuals in addition to the new skills scores to help steer you to the right candidates.


We will be reviewing use of these new features and further improving over time. If you have any suggestions or something to share, please contact us.



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