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Recruiting IT Compliance & Change Professionals | Case Study


About SQA Consulting

SQA Consulting is an innovative testing and quality assurance professional services company with a World class track record.  Working with the largest clients in the World’s most competitive markets, their business-driven solutions reduce risk, cuts software development costs, and dramatically improve the time to market of new systems.

Recruiting IT Change Management, Compliance & Regulatory Professionals – The Challenge

Sourcing candidates with the relevant combinations of IT and compliance experience has always been a challenge.  As a consultancy, speed of hire is incredibly important to SQA Consulting to ensure they have the right resources in place for the right project at the right time.  As a successful and growing business they are always on the lookout for thoroughbred Change Management, Compliance, Sanctions & Regulatory Specialists to underpin our delivery across the IT and Digital spectrum.

An Alternative to Recruitment Agencies

“Recruitment agencies have not successfully embraced innovation in their market and as a result do not offer as much value as they once did. I was keen to look at alternatives so when numerous vacancies spanning Ireland and the UK materialised I was keen to test drive Elevate Direct” says Patrick Chatee, CEO of SQA Consulting.  “The speed of recruiting via the Elevate Direct platform is a big plus for us, it really is lightning fast. Plus it’s a seamless process from creating the job to paying the actual delivery resources.

Having a shortlist of matching candidates automatically generated for your jobs, is a critical time saver; as is being able to manage resources though the recruitment process in a single system. It’s a great service, very transparent, their client managers have listened to our needs and it’s worked out to be much more cost effective compared to using agencies and you get a far better experience, I would definitely recommend Elevate Direct to other companies looking to hire Change Management  or any other type of resource”.

About Elevate Direct

SQA Consulting has successfully hired resources through Elevate Direct and continues to use the platform for all their contract recruitment needs.

Elevate Direct is an end to end recruitment solution for hiring your contingent workforce directly.  We are not a recruitment agency, nor an ATS system.  As an additional recruitment tool we enable companies to save hundreds of thousands of pounds recruiting contractors.

Visit our website to find out how we can support your contingent recruitment: 

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