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Recruiting Windows System Support Contractors | Case Study

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About Tandem Systems

Tandem Systems is a Specialist IT Company based in Bolton, Lancashire providing a full range of managed technology solutions and support services to small and medium sized businesses across the North West.

Recruitment in the IT sector is often fiercely competitive as a large number of companies compete for talented individuals that possess a wide combination of skills.  Adam Warren, Managing Director of Tandem Systems commented “It is often difficult to attract employees with the full range of skills required. When we do recruit it often takes a long time, leaving us stretched”.

Recruiting Windows System Support Contractors Directly

As a successful technology provider, Tandem Systems has the luxury problem of being extremely busy and therefore has a demand for additional staff.  To deal with the fluctuations in business activity they chose to pursue the more flexible route of recruiting a contractor to assist with the installation and support of new Windows systems, servers and networks.

In order to quickly source and recruit the relevant contractor Tandem Systems needed an equally flexible and fast partner.  They also wanted to find the same high quality skilled candidates they need but without the high mark-up on day rates associated with using a traditional recruitment agency. At this point they chose to use the Elevate Direct contractor recruitment platform to automatically match and engage with suitable contractors for their position.

The Result – Simple, Quick, Efficient

By uploading their job onto the Elevate Direct platform, Tandem were able to quickly identify and hire the skilled contractor they needed on their own terms.  From within the system they could communicate with relevant contractors directly and offer them job opportunities without the need for a middle man.  Adam stated: “We were able to recruit very quickly and get somebody in with suitable skills to help out with our workload. The system was very good and there were a good number of qualified applicants. I would recommend the Elevate Direct solution to others”.

About Elevate Direct

Elevate Direct is an end to end direct recruitment solution for hiring contractors in any sector.  We are not a recruitment agency, nor an ATS system.  As an additional recruitment tool we enable employers to make contract recruitment part of their wider direct recruitment strategy.

Looking to recruit Windows System Support Contractors or have a need for contractors in general?

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