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Scope for HR to add More Value to Contingent Workforce Management

A recent article on, explains how ‘The search for talented contingent workers can benefit from closer involvement of HR professionals’.   Currently large aspects of Contingent Management fall under the responsibilities of procurement and line managers.  As technology makes freelancers increasingly more accessible, it can often be the case that line managers are attracting and managing contingent staff remotely, without the rest of the firm even having visibility of the process.  The wealth of recruitment, onboarding and engagement knowledge HR possess positions them to unlock extra value in the contingent hiring supply chain.

However, the article highlighted 3 main concerns relating to Legal, Territory, and Value, that HR professionals need to overcome to contribute more to contingent worker management.

In addition to these concerns, we thought it might be useful to complement this advice by thinking about how HR professionals could go about gaining more confidence in this area.  Broadly speaking, if you are a HR professional who wants to get more involved in CWM, then think about researching the following CWM areas in more detail:

1) Legal – Understand the specific issues around co-employment and compliance when it comes to hiring contingent workers.

2) Contingent Worker Platforms – Familiarize yourself with the various online marketplaces and platforms where you can source and evaluate contingent talent against your projects.

3) Technology – In addition to the CWP’s, it’s good to understand the wider contingent worker recruitment technology ecosystem, the available VMS’s and pre-employment screening tools that could help streamline your contingent management process.

4) Resources – The likes of Staffing Industry Analysts, Spend Matters and Contingent Recruitment Tips, are great resources for keeping up to date on the latest trends.

5) Management – Building and managing teams that integrate permanent employees and non-permanent hires (onsite and remote), can be tricky.  Investing time in yourself to address any management or project management concerns might be a good idea.


The original article on CWP can be found HERE

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