Hiring Python Developers

Tips on Hiring a Python Developer (from a python developer!)

Python development has become a lucrative career, especially over the last 2 years. When such earning potential is on the table, the challenge to finding the right candidate for your company may be complicated further by many of the best candidates choosing to contract rather than seek a permanent position.   However, finding the right Python Contractor has just been made that bit simpler.

Our resident Data Scientist & Python developer Ian Ozsvald, shares his insights into what he looks out for in a Python Developer:

Things I’d look for around Python:              

  • An understanding of strong duck typing (this is how types [e.g. integers, strings etc] are used with variables, each language does them a bit differently)
  • Ask them to explain a bit of code
  • Ask them to solve some kind of task to demonstrate they can think through a problem and write good code (including knowing how to document it and write understandable code)
  • At a deeper level I’d like them to know specific data science tools like numpy, pandas and scikit-learn

Things I’d look for in a developer in general:

  • Can they explain to me a complex problem they had to tackle, how they debugged it and how they knew it would work reliably (to check they can communicate, can explain debugging processes and can write unit tests)
  • Can they show me some open source projects they’ve worked on
  • I’ll offer bonus points if they’ve spoken at an open source conference on something technical!

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