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    Startup’s In The Cloud – Microsoft Cloud Day 2014

    Microsoft Cloud Day - Elevate Direct

    On Wednesday the 18th of June, the ‘UK Azure User Group’ will be kicking off the ‘Microsoft Cloud Day 2014’ conference in London.  IT professionals from across the Capital will be gathering to network and hear from some great speakers describing their experience of using Azure, the  Microsoft cloud platform.

    Mark Russinovich (Microsoft Technical Fellow) will be delviering the keynote presentation: Cloud Scale: Insights into Building a Cloud Future‘; which will be followed by a number of other presentations including: Scaling your mobile and Windows applications’ and ‘Architecting Azure’ for high volume mobile payments. 

    Our very own CTO and co-founder Mick Delaney will be on stage, explaining how we migrated Elevate Direct from AWS to Azure.  “As a an ambitious recruitment startup, it’s very important we are able to scale up the business quickly, on a platform that supports open source”, says Mick.

    Mick will be describing in more detail from both a technical and business pesepctive, our challenges as a startup, and how Azure is helping to solve these while we roll out plans to expand the business globally.

    The ‘UK Azure User Group’ hold monthly meetings in London and Manchester with speakers that cover topics on all aspects of the platform.  To find out more about their events, visit their meetup group here.

    About Elevate Direct

    Elevate Direct is a cloud based end to end contractor recruitment platform that allows employers to hire contractors directly.  The entire process from sourcing to payroll, time-sheeting and consolidated invoicing is all taken care of within a single platform.

    For more information about Elevate Direct visit www.elevatedirect.com.


    Image by KROMKRATHOG “Cloud Of Colorful Application Icons In The Hands”, freedigitalphotos.net

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    New Candidate Ranking Engine Released

    Elevate Direct Contractor RecruitmentLondon, 4th June 2014 – Elevate Direct, the end to end contingent recruitment solution has released the first of a number of iterations expected in 2014 of its new automated candidate ranking technology.

    “The new ranking engine brings in a whole host of factors to better match a contractor against an employers’ job” says James Griffin, Client Services Director at Elevate Direct.  “We go beyond simple skills and experience matching and help recruiters quickly identify candidates that are a better cultural fit for their organisation, and are more likely to be hired. Most recruiters spend far too much time sifting through CVs in their inbox, Elevate Direct allows them to focus on the most relevant candidates far quicker and will increase their capacity and reduce time to hire. ”.

    “This is just the beginning of our machine learning strategy; further releases of more sophisticated matching algorithms throughout this year and into next will bring an even better experience for both recruiters and contractors.

    Overview of Release Changes

    For Employers

    – New matching algorithm produces a better candidate match for an employer’s job, taking into account additional factors such as the career paths of candidates.

    For Candidates

    – Improved matching algorithm results in profiles being discovered quicker by employers.

    – This also results in candidates getting suggested to more suitable contract jobs. An improved candidate experience all round.

    About Elevate Direct

    Elevate Direct provides cloud based end to end Contractor Recruitment Software that allows employers to hire contractors directly.  The entire process from sourcing to payroll, time-sheeting and consolidated invoicing is taken care of within a single platform.

    For more information about Elevate Direct visit www.elevatedirect.com

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    Elevate Direct – Quick Introduction Video For Employers

    Elevate Direct is an advanced recruitment platform that enables employers to recruit their contract  workforce directly.  Cloud based and with no upfront  costs, getting started with Elevate Direct could not be easier.

    The benefits recruiters are enjoying by using Elevate Direct are numerous and include reduced cost per hire, improved time to hire, real time access to talent pools, and more control over employer brand during the recruitment process.

    The short video below provides an overview of the features of the platform, including the automated sourcing functionality that matches suitable contractors against your jobs instantly producing a shortlist of candidates to engage with.


    To discover more about how other employers are using Elevate Direct to streamline their contract recruitment, visit:  http://elevatedirect.wpengine.com/employers

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    Elevate Direct – Recruitment Software Customer Reviews


    Before deciding on the most efficient strategy for bringing the recruitment of your contractors in-house, it’s worth researching the market to understand what tools and technology are available to support the processes of sourcing, candidate engagement, payroll, time-sheeting and invoicing.

    Rather than us explaining how Elevate Direct supports this end to end process within a single platform, hear from some of our customers themselves:


    PhotoBox Recruiting Contractors Directly

    On using Elevate Direct to recruit contract Web Developers:

    “Elevate Direct quickly created a quality shortlist of Web Developers for me to review and engage with that were a good match to the skills and experience we had stipulated when creating the vacancy. I have used the system again since the initial hire was made and have found it very consistent in providing high quality developers for my specific area of the business.

    “The interface is clean and easy to use and quickly takes me through the recruitment process. It’s self-explanatory and easy to navigate, without the need for a lot of hand holding”.

    Matthias Willerich, Development Manager

    You can view the full Photobox client case study here.



    Benefex Recruiting Freelancers Directly

    On recruiting System Analyst contractors:

    “Normally I would have used a recruitment consultancy to find a contractor, but a friend suggested I take a look at Elevate Direct.  It’s a pretty simple system.  You log on, post a job, and it suggests a list of contractors that match the skills and experience you are looking for”.

    “We recruited the Systems Analyst contractor in a very short space of time, and benefited from paying a considerably lower margin compared to going through a recruitment consultancy.  As an additional recruitment tool with no upfront costs, I would definitely recommend Elevate Direct to other recruiters that need to hire contractors”.

    Sarah Devaney, Head of Talent

    You can view the full Benefex client case study here.



    QA Works - Recruiting Software Testers London

    On recruiting contract Software Testers:

    “There are too many traditional recruitment firms not justifying their high costs. QAWorks UK leading testing practice is all about offering the best value to our clients and Elevate Direct’s platform allows us to find and speak directly with professionals who, like us, want to cut out the middle man. It’s a major benefit to both parties!”

    “As a fast growing UK-based testing house QAWorks are only interested in hiring the very best. Elevate Direct’s platform allows us to do that – and at a much lower rate.”

    Mark Gibbins, Operations Director

    You can view the full QAWorks client case study here.



    eteach recruiting freelancers

    On recruiting contract .Net Developers

    “For an immediate urgent need, I reached out to Elevate Direct and was in a very fast, very efficient/effective manner helped to not only having vacancy distributed to relevant market/candidates, but as a result of Elevate Direct’s system/processes having response and selection of suitable candidates that led to resolving my need as well as my quality and budget expectations. Throughout the process I was given a superior customer/client experience, – I highly recommend using Elevate Direct”

    Jacob Sten Madsen, Head of HR and Global Resourcing

    View the full Eteach client case study here.


    Sentience Technology


    On recruiting contract Java Developers:

    “It is important that Sentience Technology has control over its recruitment processes and that those processes are both efficient and cost-effective. Elevate Direct’s cloud based recruitment platform offers us the solution we need. The ability to search and view the skills and experience of candidates in a central location allows us to save both time and money as the Elevate Direct solution is significantly more cost effective.

    “The quality of candidate on Elevate Direct is very good, resulting in us making multiple hires. With a customer-centric approach Elevate Direct have produced a model that works well for both the employer and the contractor. We were pleased with the flexibility that this offers and have critically never felt ‘locked in’.

    “We plan to use Elevate Direct again when we next require IT Contractors for our projects.”

    Lee Burgess, COO

    View the full client case study here.

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    Elevate Direct – Contractor Recruitment Product Overview


    Elevate Direct is a provider of cloud based contingent recruitment software.  Out platform enables employers to recruit contractors and freelancers directly.  By using technology to streamline the sourcing, engagement, time-sheeting, payroll and invoicing of contingent staff within a single platform, employers are able to reduce both their time and cost per hire.

    The slides below provide a brief overview of the features, benefits and functionality of the Elevate Direct platform.