How Gazprom Marketing & Trading developed a successful direct sourcing strategy

Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T) a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gazprom group of companies, the world’s largest gas producer and one of the world’s largest energy companies.

The Recruitment Challenge

Gazprom Marketing & Trading operates within an industry where competition for specialist contractors is extremely high. The principal challenge facing GM&T was to find a direct candidate sourcing solution that would consistently deliver the required quality and provide process and workflow efficiencies within their direct recruitment strategy. Cost was also a key driver.

The Solution

Having implemented a well-known ATS system, GM&T were able to realise significant improvements within their permanent recruitment channel. Sourcing contractors and contingent workers directly had proved more challenging and remained stubbornly an agency/vendor supply chain, with the associated experiences and costs.

GM&T were introduced to Elevate as a potential solution to their challenges, running the system alongside their agency suppliers. As a web based sourcing tool Elevate was extremely simple and quick to implement for the direct recruiter at GM&T with training provided on-demand both face to face and remotely. Some feature enhancement was also provided allowing GM&T to improve their experience within the app. Elevate quickly made an impact becoming one of the primary sources of contractor talent at GM&T.

Alastair Milnes is the Global Head of HR for Gazprom Marketing and Trading: “Although we’d been able to reduce the margins charged by some of the suppliers, we still felt that we had little overall control of our contractor talent supply chain especially within some critical skills areas. Using Elevate has allowed us to compete for the best talent directly and on our own terms”

“The Elevate platform provided us with the ability not only to improve our direct reach to contractors, but also present our opportunity and brand to communities and talent previously unreachable through our PSL network”

The Result

“The vast majority of our contractor recruitment now comes via the Elevate platform, which has meant considerable savings, increased candidate quality and loyalty along with the added benefit of improving the placement of our brand with the UK employment market”

Summary of results:

  • Average savings per contract worker of £12000 a year
  • Annualised savings on 25 workers in excess of £300000
  • Average tenure at GM&T in excess of 12 months resulting in further ongoing savings
  • Increased employer branding reach into relevant talent pools
  • Fewer offer rejections
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Increased positive feedback from hiring managers