Elevate is a powerful online marketplace where professional independent contingent workers (contractors & freelancers) apply to jobs from organisations looking to hire their skills directly.

Elevate also includes an online toolkit to manage timesheets, contracts and other paperwork in the cloud.

Elevate uses technology to match contractors & freelancers to highly relevant job opportunities.

Our investment has been in building a parsing and matching system which can reliably interpret your skills, experience &  job titles correctly resulting in the highest relevance of job match possible.

As a contractor, freelance or other type of independent contingent worker you can sign up here or apply directly to a job. Either route will create your Elevate profile, this only takes 2 minutes and you only do it once.

This profile is yours to own, edit and update as your employment history progresses.

After that you must respond to email notifications sent to you regarding job matches, interviews and offers.

Only organisations paying to use Elevate can see your profile and engage with you via the system. Your profile is not publicly visible to anyone searching in a web browser.

Everyone! Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and from a broad range of sectors. Please see our case studies  and review the companies displayed at the bottom of our homepage for more details.

No. Elevate is a sophisticated web application providing a source of jobs for workers and a source of workers for organisations. You own the info that an organisation reads in your profile and the organisations make independent decisions on who is the best candidate for their requirement.

No, Elevate is free for all contractors to create a profile, apply for jobs and find work.

Elevate charges a licence fee to organisations using the platform.

Elevate is hosted in the cloud on Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 is regulated across various audit, compliance and security levels.  For further info please see http://aws.amazon.com/security/

Elevate has offices at 138-140 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SW.

We have real people who are here to help you.

You can drop us an email directly to contractors@elevatedirect.com