Elevate allows organisations to utilise a unique and extremely powerful set of features to source and manage their contingent workers directly.

This includes proprietary applicant matching and ranking software not seen in the market previously.

The previously laborious task of finding and engaging contingent workers from multiple sources has now been automated on Elevate. This can now be done internally and not outsourced to agencies.

This results in massive time and cost savings in your recruitment processes by finding the right worker for your business quicker.

Everyone! Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and from a broad range of sectors.

For example start-ups Seenit.io and CampaignAmp to agencies and SMEs eTeach, Oliver Marketing and Radley Yeldar as well as large corporates such as Tata Consultancy Services and Gazprom.

Yes. Elevate is a direct recruitment tool that drives applicants to your employer brand.

As a customer you will create vacancies on Elevate which we market across various candidate sources providing back to you a list of relevant applicants for you to review.

No. Elevate is not a job-board.

Elevate has technically integrated with leading paid for job-boards providing our customers with reliable and ultra fast candidate attraction.

No. Elevate is a sophisticated web application providing contingent worker talent acquisition, online contracts, paperwork and timesheeting.

Elevate has various price bands available dependent on your business needs and you can start with a 30 day no-hire-no-cost trial.

Elevate takes your recruitment requirements and using our smart recruitment matching technology matches it to over 250,000 UK based contingent worker profiles.

We also distribute your requirement onto paid for job-boards, LinkedIn and other social media and online communities to attract talent.

Each applicants automatically creates a data rich profile when they apply for a job which allows our matching and ranking technology to work.

No. You can search and browse our candidate database anonymously.

No. You can hire for as long as you want.

If you choose to take a contingent worker on permanently you can do so subject to a small fee.

Yes. We offer flexible payroll services support by our online back office features.

This is subject to credit approval where required.

Nothing to install.

Elevate is a web application view in a web browser with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari & Firefox all supported.

As a rule of thumb, although the numbers do vary, hiring and managing a contingent worker on Elevate including payroll costs circa £300/month.

An example a worker on £350/day hired via an agency charging 20% markup would be a cost to you circa £1400/month (20 day month).

Savings on Elevate circa £1100 per worker per month or £13,200 per worker per year.

Support is available both online or via our team of experiences recruitment professionals located here in the UK.

MSP and RPOs can of course be the users of Elevate if that is how your business currently manages it’s talent strategy.

Elevate partners directly with MSP and RPO providers who want to improve their service to clients via technology systems.

Please contact partners@elevatedirect.com for a demo and follow up.

Elevate is currently integrating with two leading global VMS providers.

More news will follow very soon.

Elevate is hosted in the cloud on Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 is regulated across various audit, compliance and security levels.  For further info please see http://aws.amazon.com/security/

Contact our support team directly on employers@elevatedirect.com or 0207 928 2519.

If you’re in the US our New York office can get you started. Contact them at (212) 835-1565.

Your account can be set up in as little as 5 minutes!

We have multiple offices around the world.

Our London HQ can be found at 138-140 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SW

For our North American HQ we’re at 5 Penn Plaza, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10001

We have real people who are here to help you, all based at our offices in London and New York.

You can drop us an email directly to employers@elevatedirect.com