Elevate Direct combines deep recruitment expertise with unique and exceptional knowledge in data science to deliver a sophisticated and intelligent tool.

The platform was created to improve the productivity of your hiring activities and the intelligent and intuitive user interface delivers productivity gains for recruitment teams and hiring communities, maximising the power and investment in your employer brand, increasing your engagement and impact with the external and internal candidate markets resulting in increased direct hire ratios and significant reductions in the reliance and spend on external 3rd party recruitment agencies and suppliers.

Our solutions

  • save time and money by removing manual repetitive tasks
  • intelligently source and shortlist the most relevant people in your talent universe
  • improve the accuracy of your candidate shortlisting activities
  • make selections based on ‘entire market’ ranked comparisons
  • improve the re-utilisation and engagement of alumni and ‘trusted’ candidates
  • learn constantly and improve the results based on your actual hiring decisions
  • integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Direct Contingent Hiring

source and select your contractors and temporary workers directly without relying on external recruitment agencies.

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Direct Permanent Hiring

Find, engage and place the candidates with the best cultural fit and highest probability of success.

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Internal Hiring

Build a comprehensive skills inventory to understand what skills you have available, how to best deploy them and where the skills gaps exist within your organisation.

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Total Workforce Management

Through strategic deployment of the entire Elevate Direct platform.

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Elevate Direct is mobile compatible and platform agnostic. Wrapped around data science is an interface built to the highest standards of candidate, hirer and recruiter experience. It includes features such as

  • Guided vacancy creation
  • Workforce analytics
  • Rate recommendation wizard
  • Targeted communication
  • Tailored private talent pools
  • Automated Head hunting
  • Candidate preference management for suggested roles

Elevate Direct seamlessly integrates into your workflow and pre-existing HR technology eco-system. Our sophisticated, AI driven and machine learning based tool complements and augments, instead of replacing, your existing functionality.