Reduce your time and cost to hire

It is time to finally bury “spray and pray” and replace it with intelligence based posting and personalised approaches. This saves you time, the candidate’s time and results in a better candidate, hirer and recruiter experience.

Direct Contingent Hiring

Contingent Private Talent Pool

Create a private talent pool of contingent workers with whom you proactively engage or workers who seek to proactively engage with you for future work.  Increase your engagement potential and build a community of indirect workers.

Automated short listing

Using sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms, all candidates are ranked in order of relevance. The updates happen in real time: if you change your requirements or any search parameters, the ranking changes accordingly. This allows you to focus on the most relevant candidates first.

Direct access

All communication with candidates happens through our platform. Invite your colleagues and share your notes. Above all, all the communication is recorded and doesn’t block up your ATS or VMS platforms.

Job distribution

Automated distribution of relevant jobs to relevant audiences. From LinkedIn, to job boards to community. Seamless & smooth – saves you time and money.

Targeted communication

Different groups have different triggers. Instead of sending a standardised response to all, tailor your communication for maximum impact.


Based on performance data of all our clients, we’ll let you know where to post which jobs to, what skills to include and what salary to offer.


We will match any of the external candidates to all your live requirements. This ensures maximum productivity and return on your advertising investment.