Improve your direct hires and control your external spend

Why pay twice? Instead keep in touch with your alumni and silver medalists. These people have shown an interest in your business, you thought they are interesting enough, so why not stay in touch? That way you reduce your cost per hire and minimise the amount spent to external providers on people that are already in your network.


Job distribution

Automated distribution of relevant jobs to relevant audiences. Seamless & smooth – saves you time and money.

Integrated Search

Search all talent pools through one interface. It doesn’t matter in which pool a talent resides, they are all brought together in one search result.

Talent Pools

Build bespoke talent pools around your needs and requirements.

Automated Head hunting

Based on our data science, we will show you the people that are the most relevant and the most likely to be successful for a role.


Every talent pool requires specific messaging and information. Use our tool for bespoke and seamless communication and interaction.

Complete integration

We have an open integration framework, augmenting existing workflows.