Improve your retention and employee engagement and ensure that your employees have trust that you have a detailed understanding of the wider skills and experience that they are able to offer.

The internal workforce is the most overlooked and underused candidate source. No onboarding required. Culture match already established. So time and cost per hire are reduced to a minimum. At the same time, it’s the best way of increasing employee engagement. They will feel looked after, invested in and valued. Provide your internal workforce with an internal mobility experience that matches the experience delivered to your external talent acquisition activities.


Skills Inventory

Create total visibility of all the skills within your organisation


Shows relevant jobs to people inside of the organisation, so they can flag their interest before you start hiring.

Job categorisation

Our data science highlights which other job titles and skills could be used to find candidates that Boolean Searching would never generate.

Salary benchmark advisor

Know how much you have to pay on the open market, and set your compensation strategies accordingly.


Understand all the skills you have available to you and who is most likely to respond to which offer.


Nobody else has access to your people. All information is stored in your private cloud.