Total Workforce Management

Through strategic deployment of the entire Elevate Direct platform –  engaging all three modules: the external permanent, external contingent and internal hiring – organisations can achieve total skills visibility of their internal and external talent communities.

Operating alongside, and complementary to, your existing HR technology investments such as HRIS, ATS and VMS platforms, Elevate Direct provides hiring communities and strategic resourcing functions with analysis and insights regarding skills deployments or acquisitions against future talent needs and skills gaps.

Holistic Skills Inventory

Through identifying all skills available within all 3 segments of your private talent communities, achieve a complete picture of the talent and skills available to your organisation against current and future needs.

Data Lead Decision Support

Through total skills visibility; guide hiring communities on the most appropriate engagement route for specific demand.

Simplified Skills Gap Analysis

Through total skills visibility; more easily identify where there are tactical or strategic skills gaps. Energise your strategic workforce planning process with actual skills data across all workforce segments and talent communities.