Elevate Direct is a highly sophisticated AI and machine learning talent acquisition platform, specially designed to increase the productivity of your talent function and hiring communities across all workforce categories.

Our team of talent specialists and data scientists have spent the last 5 years analysing over 20 million data points to create an intelligent hiring platform, based on neural networks and the latest in machine intelligence.

The result is a direct sourcing platform that removes the barriers between hiring managers and candidates, seamlessly working with multiple talent acquisition channels, curated talent pools and direct applicants.

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Elevate Direct increases the productivity of hiring teams by:-

  • Saving time and money by removing repetitive tasks
  • Automatically and intelligently sourcing and shortlisting the most relevant people in your talent universe
  • Constantly learning and tweaking ranking and shortlisting recommendations based on your actual hiring and shortlisting activities

It works across all workforce categories

Direct Contingent Hiring

Direct Permanent Hiring

Internal Hiring

Total Workforce Management


Our solutions

Elevate Direct is mobile compatible and platform agnostic. Wrapped around data science is an interface built to the highest standards of candidate, hirer and recruiter experience. It includes features such as

  • Guided vacancy creation
  • Workforce analytics
  • Rate recommendation wizard
  • Targeted communication
  • Tailored private talent pools
  • Automated Head hunting
  • Candidate preference management for suggested roles

Client Success

Here are the positive benefits our clients experience when using Elevate Direct:-

  • Direct hires increase by 80%
  • Cost per hire decrease by 80%
  • Employee engagement increase 20%
  • Time per hire average reduction by 3-5 days
  • Spend with external suppliers decrease by 60-80%
  • Limit your external supplier usage for just those skills that are truly niche
  • Visibility of existing skills
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