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Build and Develop the World's best Talent Pools

People are your organisations most valuable asset. Build and manage Talent Pools of workers who want to engage with your business

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Machine learning

Learning for Hiring

Elevate is a highly sophisticated AI and Machine learning Talent Acquisition platform,
specially designed to increase the productivity of your talent function and hiring communities across all workforce categories. Effortlessly built Talent Pool's of workers and use powerful analytics for workforce planning.

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Trusted by the world’s best brands

We're proud to be partnering with some of the worlds most progressive organisations when it comes to Talent Management

Introducing Elevate Direct

About the Product

Our team of talent specialists and data scientists has spent the last 5 years analysing over 22 million data points to create an intelligent hiring platform, based on neural networks and the latest in data science modeling. The result is a direct sourcing platform that is easy for candidates and clients alike to use, seamlessly working with multiple talent acquisition channels, curated talent pools and self directed candidates, providing a one stop shop for sourcing, matching and engagement of a diverse set of talent. "Elevate features an impressive client list across both the public and private sector, from global enterprises to small start ups."

Essential Features

The Essential features. Covered

Talent Pools

Invite people you know. People that might want to work for you. People from your ATS,
from your VMS, your alumni, recent leavers, applications from external job
boards, all in one place.

Job Recommendations

Let Elevate do the heavy lifting. No more searching for people in multiple systems.
Elevate automatically identifies the best people for a job and sends them the

Vacancy Marketing

Along with recommending jobs to people in your Talent Pool, Elevate distributes jobs
to all major job boards with integrations routing all applications back to your
Talent Pool and core system workflow

Core ATS

Rich applicant filtering and scoring allows you to get to the right candidates in a
rapid timeframe, increasing your recruiter productivity by up to 2.5x

Workforce Planning

Deep analytics allows you to see a view of organisation wide skills like never before - Interrogate down to a individual person's skill level to show exactly where gaps are for upcoming projects.


Elevate is fully compliant with GDPR, with a rich consent log and the ability for candidates within your Talent Pool to delete and be forgotten.

3rd Party Integrations

Elevate has built middleware with leading VMS providers such as SAP Fieldglass and can accommodate integrations on request.

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If the Millennium Falcon went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now.

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Who We Are
Who We Are
How it works?
Who We Are

The people behind the product

If the Millennium Falcon went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now.

Michael Delaney
CEO & Co-founder
Michael has almost 18 years experience in design, development and delivery of large scale enterprises and web platforms. As an IT contractor himself for many years he is absolutely clear as to why he is so passionate about Elevate. Mick has been the CTO of Elevate since its inception and now recently has taken over CEO responsibilities. He's currently focused on future product road map, working iteratively and very closely with clients to further refine and develop the core Elevate platform.
Dan Collier
Sales and Strategy Director & Co-founder
Dan has a 20 year background in recruitment and resource management, from both an agency and buying perspective. Dan was one of the Founders of Elevate back in May 2010 along with Mick Delaney. Having performed the CEO function, Dan now focuses on Sales and Strategic partner development, working closely with Direct Enterprise's and MSP Partners.
James Griffin
Service Delivery Director
James is responsible for ensuring Clients are happy. He makes sure Implementations run smoothly and On Boarding and Training issues are all handled professionally. James has almost 20 years working experience in the wider recruitment sector, both agency, in-house and has been with Elevate from the very inception.
Bart Baddeley
Chief Data Scientist
Bart is Elevate Direct’s Chief Data Scientist with 20 years experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He has a 1st class honours degree in artificial intelligence and neuroscience and a PhD in neural network modelling. After his successful time in academia - he is a world expert in ant navigation - and five years in consulting Bart joined Elevate Direct. He heads up the thinking and the team that looks into improving the way people find work and companies choose people, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the decision process.


The Garage Soho
The Garage Soho was founded by Tom Teichman, and Sir John Hegarty. They invest in very early stage disruptive technology businesses and have had some significant successes, including Lastminute.com, Notonthehighstreet.com and Moshi Monsters. Tom and John both still sit on a number of Boards, and were the first outside Investors to join Elevate. Tom has served as Chairman since 2013.
UIL invested during summer 2016; the first part of a planned multi-million pound fund-raise, conducted by Stockdale Securities. UIL is a listed Investment Manager with a diverse range of investments, from financial services, banking, mining to high technology.
Monte Carlo Capital
Monte Carlo Capital is a collection of super angel investors, predominantly based out of Monaco, who have collectively invested in Elevate Direct since early 2015.
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