Privacy FAQ

We take Data Privacy very seriously. As part of our on-going compliance programme surrounding GDPR and other data regulations, we have decided to document key areas of interest in these FAQs. Should you require clarity on something else then please email us at

What data does Elevate store about me?

When creating an account you agree to give us your name, email and Resume, we also ask for your phone number a little later which helps with identity validation and security. Without that info you can’t use our services. You may whilst using Elevate also upload documents as part of the recruitment process. Those documents are all at the request of Customers and as such are optional for you to provide.

How does Elevate use this information?

We use your name, email address and phone number to understand who you are and provide access to our services. We also use your email address and phone number to send you notifications regarding relevant jobs and employers that should be of interest. Your resume is used by Elevate’s proprietary machine learning systems to understand what skills you have, where you have worked and for how long; this coupled with your preferences on location and rates allows us to match you to vacancies and help you find work.

Who does Elevate share this data with?

We only share data with customers of Elevate who are using our system for recruitment purposes. You maintain very close control of your data through the activity you manage in the app. If you don’t apply to vacancies or don’t join any Talent Pools then your data will only be visible to Elevate and our staff but your ability to find work via the application will be limited.

Does Elevate sell my data?

No, Elevate does not sell any data to third parties for profiling, marketing or any other purposes.

Does Elevate use my data for anything else?

An anonymized version of your Resume may also be used to enhance and improve the machine learning systems element of the application, where it may be added to a GDPR compliant set of similar records, used strictly for data modelling purposes.

Who owns my data?

You do. Your Elevate account is yours to manage, edit & update. You may request to have it deleted if you choose. It’s important you set and maintain your personal preferences towards jobs, so we can recommend the most appropriate job content to you. This may include details such as rate you are prepared to work for and geographical location preferences.

What does Elevate do to secure and protect my personal data?

We currently run encryption across all Resume data which will expand to include all system data over time. Other areas where we have implemented enhanced security is 2-Factor Authentication for system access for all our internal Elevate staff. This will also be expanded to include all customers over time. Data governance procedures at Elevate are robust and secure. We have removed dependency on insecure channels such as email and instead have a strict set of protocols for sharing data internally and with customers. Elevate maintains a current Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Please see certificate here.

Where is my data stored?

Elevate is hosted on Amazon EC2 with servers in Dublin, ROI, with failover in the same country.

How do I delete my Elevate account?

We are sad to see you go, but if you want to Delete your Elevate account simply log into your profile here. Go to Support and select the Close your Account option. You can choose to suspend the account and take a break from Elevate or permanently remove all your data from the platform. Please note that all your live applications will be cancelled and marked as withdrawn by yourself.

What emails or notifications will Elevate send me?

Elevate will send you system notifications for vacancies that match your skills and experience based on the information you give us; you may also be invited to join private talent pools by the same means. Subsequent reminders may also be received. Customers on Elevate can make use of the in-app messaging feature to contact you for instant message type conversation. Notifications may arrive by email, push message, In-app or SMS. By agreeing to our terms you consent for us to infrequently send you emails outside of Elevate to notify you of anything important such as maintenance notices, regulatory commitments and new feature & service enhancements.

Can I unsubscribe from emails?

Without external notifications you will still be able to use our services, but you may miss important communications particularly related to jobs you may have applied to, which may include messages, interview requests and offers.