We are excited to announce that Elevate is now fully integrated with Bullhorn. Our seamless integration allows users of Bullhorn to leverage the power of Elevates AI-powered sourcing tool without ever having to leave the Bullhorn platform to deliver instant candidate hotlists without the need for any boolean searches. 

The Elevate AI-Powered Plugin saves a recruitment consultant on average 16hrs per week by not having to spend unnecessary time writing Boolean strings, thus enabling them to spend more time with the best-fit candidates.

The Elevate platform will capture live and legacy candidate data from your Bullhorn platform. Using the data, our advanced AI and Machine Learning technology match, recommend, rank and shortlist the best candidates with astonishing speed and accuracy, delivering you instant candidate hotlists back into Bullhorn without the need for any boolean searches.

While Bullhorn and Elevates capabilities are strong on their own, integrated together we’re providing users with the ability to accelerate significantly the recruitment process.

What is Bullhorn

Bullhorn provides cloud-based software to power the recruitment life cycle from start to finish. Staffing companies ranging from startups to the world’s largest enterprises rely on Bullhorn to find and place talent, manage pay, and to deliver an incredible experience for the candidates and clients they work with day in and day out.


 John Kenefick, CEO of Elevate, added:

“We believe Elevate’s new integration with Bullhorn will empower Recruitment Agencies to deliver more of the right talent faster by removing the need for unnecessary time spent by recruitment consultants on Boolean Search. “


Maurice Lawlor Head of Sales at Elevate added:

“It gives me great pleasure that we get to bring this to market. Working directly with our clients to provide them with seamless integration with Bullhorn allowing them to say goodbye to Boolean, giving more time for clients and candidates”


If you’re a Bullhorn user and wondering how you can benefit from this integration with Elevate, please contact our team today >>>