The Benefits of a Curated Talent Pool


What is Talent Curation? | Finding and engaging top talent quickly and efficiently is the number one goal when companies hire; this is even more important when it comes to contingent workers. 

Direct sourcing and talent pools have become the go-to strategy for companies looking to find talent quickly and efficiently while reducing the overall cost of search. Direct sourcing is about leveraging a company’s high-quality brand to attract, curate, and engage with talent. Like all sources of talent, there is a lot of focus on talent attraction ” top of the funnel ” and not enough on talent pool curation.

What is talent curation?

Curation is a combination of many key elements, both human and automation;

  • Matching of skill sets and experience for unbiased hiring decisions.
  • Proactive talent pool building with the necessary skills to meet the hiring needs of today and tomorrow.
  • Using personalisation to nurture and engaging candidates in your talent pool.
  • Skills assessment and testing to ensure quality.
  • Thorough screening and interviews to validate the perfect fit

Curation is strategic, precise, and tailored by role, industry, and skill and immediately provides value to the hiring company. Direct sourcing platforms like Elevate uses powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies that empower organisations and their service providers to understand the skills to deliver a curated shortlist of qualified candidates.

What is the value of curation for the hiring company? 

Curation provides immediate and quantifiable value to the organisation;

  • Time to fill is drastically reduced.
  • Candidate quality is dramatically improved, and the hiring ratio is typically 3x better.

Benefits to the candidate

Talent curation is being proactive rather than reactive and at the heart of it all is the candidate. A highly personalised positive experience creates a higher chance to re-engage for future work opportunities and more referrals of other high-quality candidates.

Having the right combination of human and technology automation is a must for any direct sourcing program to succeed. Without both, you will not reap the obvious benefits of a curated talent pool.