What does AI mean for talent acquisition?

One of the most talked-about trends in technology and policy circles is the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, for example, the Financial Times recently talked about how AI was disrupting law, and the Economist talked about social attitudes and policy attitudes to AI.


Well currently, most companies invest a lot of time and resources into finding the right people for a job. A core methodology at Elevate Direct is that we leverage cutting-edge algorithms and human intuition for the more qualitative aspect in generating our recommendations of the right candidates for the job. We allow you to filter by skill, company fit by looking for similar companies over up to 20 million data-points.


Machine Intelligence has already enabled automated assistants (like Siri), best-in-class recommendations – it’s eerie how Netflix recommends the perfect guilty sitcom or Facebook recommends you add your crush from high school. One of the future trends we’ll see in talent acquisition is dynamic question and answer systems – which may allow automated interviews, better search for talent discovery – so you can unearth hidden gems.




Humans can’t read 100s of CVs and figure out which ones are suitable for a job, but a machine can do this in no time at all. This is one of the productivity enhancers that modern machine intelligence can give you as a recruiter. So you can focus your time on the higher value-adding parts of talent acquisition – such as negotiating with candidates, talking them through and preparing them for the interview process.


Some technology such as Engage Talent – is allowing you to predict when candidates will be ready to move jobs by looking at workforce history and news reports, this is used by a number of top recruiters and enterprises. This is the sort of task, that’s hard to do with a human – people make mistakes, they lose interest, and it’s not a good use of your time to be looking for passive candidates.


Textio the Seattle-based startup allows you to automatically analyze your job ad so you can infer if it’s attracting the right candidates and if you’re fulfilling your diversity criteria. This is an example of an augmented writing platform that can help you write better job ads. This is the sort of thing that is hard to do without a machine – what would you do otherwise have a perfectly unbiased editor employed in-house?


Machine intelligence is a transformational collection of technologies affecting every vertical in modern business and in government we are already seeing self-driving cars, enhanced recommendations of music and media, improved search algorithms.


Talent acquisition will not be any different and we’re seeing the rise of a new generation of tools. As AI and other technologies take over the basic, time-consuming tasks of sourcing candidates, human jobs will shift. A recruiter in this new world can add value by building psychological and emotional connections with candidates. We call this augmented intelligence blending human and machine intelligence for better outcomes.


AIPeadar Coyle is a product-focused Data Scientist working on Elevate Direct’s products. He is an avid blogger, international speaker and contributor to the Probabilistic Programming Framework PyMC3. Follow Peadar on Twitter @Springcoil


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